Woggle Walks

Tracey Whittaker, owner of Woggle Walks, a company offering reliable dog walking service in Warrington, wanted a website with a professional and credible tone to inspire trust in visitors. Ms. Whittaker was also keen on increasing her company’s reach and customer base.

Web Design Mold offered the following services to the highest standard:

  • Customised Logo Design
  • Custom Service Booking System
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Rich Images
  • Blog and Testimonials Section

Web Design Mold delivered a website that was successful in conveying the reliability of the service assuring visitors that their loved pets would be in the safest and gentlest hands. The bespoke form made appointment booking simple and fast. The mobile friendly design ensured a wide reach bringing in more conversions.

Ms. Whittaker joined the long list of our happy customers. Need a website for your business? Contact Web Design Mold today.