Why WordPress Websites are Great for Conversions

If you are in the market for a new website, Web Design Mold recommend investing in a WordPress website. Apart from being budget friendly, easy to use and SEO friendly, WordPress websites are also great for conversions.

WordPress gives you access to a variety of plugins that can help you reach your conversion targets.

While you can build a WordPress website on your own (if you have some technical expertise taht is and loads of time to learn how it’s done), it always helps to hire a professional web design Mold agency. As a specialist WordPress agency, we add all the features to make sure your website is ready to convert right off the bat.

Here are some useful WordPress plugins that can help improve your website’s conversion rates.

WordPress Landing Pages

Effective landing pages are crucial to improving conversions. With this plugin, you can do more than just creating landing pages.

  • Create landing pages using your existing WordPress theme, or design a custom layout
  • Monitor conversion rates continuously and make changes to landing pages accordingly
  • Perform A/B split tests – this test is performed to test the efficacy of a landing page. Different landing pages are created for the same link and conversion rate for each is monitored. The landing page that results in greater conversion is thus identified.
  • Generate data forms with visitor information for facilitating more conversions

WordPress Calls to Action

This plugin can be used in combination with the landing page plugin mentioned above for more effective results. Clear and prominent calls to action are essential to persuade passive visitors to take action. This plugin enables you create effective calls to actions, including popup types, to encourage better visitor response.

WordPress Leads

A powerful conversion tool that gives in-depth information about visitor activity, including:

  • Visitor location
  • Details of web pages visited
  • Details of information searched for, on the website
  • Information about the visitor’s social media profile and websites

The efficiency of this plugin comes from its ability to link a website activity directly to the individual visitor. Knowledge of visitor behaviour enables you to identify and capture information for lead generation and website optimisation for better conversion.

More and more plugins are added regularly to enhance the performance of WordPress websites. You need to invest time and effort to be up-to-date with evolving plugins. In addition, only plugins from trusted sources need to be installed for security and high-performance.

Hiring a professional WordPress specialist can help you make the most of your online presence. At Web Design Mold, we are with you all the way right from web design and after the launch. Contact us today for more information.