How a WordPress Website Improves Your SEO Score

WordPress is an SEO friendly platform out of the box. This means that you have greater chances of garnering good ranking on search engines with a WordPress website from a website design Mold agency.

You can further enhance the SEO of your website with the use of specific plugins and relevant WordPress settings. A website design Mold agency specialising in WordPress can help you extract maximum SEO mileage from your website.

Here are some elements of a WordPress website that help improve your SEO score.

Themes that Facilitate Better SEO

Search engines, and Google in particular, favour websites with a clean code with structured instructions that easily convey code purpose. Responsive design – the ability of a website to align its display to the user’s screen size – is another crucial factor that helps with ranking. Loading time of a website is equally important.

WordPress offers numerous options on all the above counts. WordPress coding is simple by nature; it comes with an organised structure (pages, categories, tags, etc.). This makes it easy for search engines to understand your website.

WordPress gives you access to numerous themes that are mobile responsive, quick loading and cleanly coded.

While options are available, it takes an experienced website design Mold agency to help you realise all these benefits with a bespoke website.

Well-Defined URL Structure

WordPress has a Permalink feature, which enables creation of search engine-friendly URL structures. Using this feature, you can create a URL, say for a specific blog post that tells what the page is about, and allows inclusion of keywords, all of which aid in better ranking.

SEO Plugins   

Plugins are one of the most popular and effective ways to improve your WordPress website’s on-page SEO. Yoast SEO is a very popular SEO plugin. There are many other free and premium SEO plugins that you could use to improve the SEO-ability of your website greatly.

As your website design Mold agency, we install the best plugins by default on behalf of all our clients.

Final Conclusion From The Website Design Mold Team

These are only a few ways in which WordPress can help you improve your SEO rankings. For example, there are features to optimise your website for better content, and visitor engagement (sharing, interaction, etc.). If all of this sounds too much to take on in a day, fret not.

Web Design Mold make it easy for you. Discuss your web design project with us and we will craft a top notch WordPress website for you in no time.