5 Things that Won’t Happen In Good WordPress Websites

Hiring a freelancer or an agency promising cheap rates can be tempting, but you could be doing more harm to your WordPress website this way. A professional website design Mold agency offers the benefits in-depth experience and skill, which can be difficult to match.

With a professional agency by your side, you’ll be able to avoid the following mistakes that could impact your website negatively in the future.

Security Risks

An expert choice in plugins, and enabling all relevant security settings, can strengthen your WordPress website against hacks, malware attacks and other intrusions.

Tasks that ensure tight and consistent security for your website include:

  • Updating your website to the latest versions of WordPress regularly to repair security lapses in previous versions
  • Taking regular backups
  • Creating solid multi-layer login settings for authorised access. This includes changing to a customised login name rather than using the default “admin” login settings.
  • Using plugins only from trusted sources

Using Themes with Unreliable Codes

There are numerous paid and free themes available on WordPress. Choosing a theme with a poor code can compromise your website’s security and user experience. No matter how visually stunning a theme is, if the coding is weak, it can affect load time as well as the user experience.

Choosing a reliable premium theme means that you get a website that is strong and cleanly coded. Moreover, In addition, availability of advanced features (not found in free themes) helps deliver an impressive design and fantastic user experience.

Forgetting SEO Plugins

WordPress has numerous plugins to support SEO. Your website will be missing valuable ranking opportunities by failing to use these plugins. At Web Design Mold agency, we pre-install trusted SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO so that your website is ready to take on, once live.

Ignoring Image Optimisation

High quality images are crucial when you want to provide the best user experience. However, if you are not optimising the images, you will end up affecting your site’s load time, which ironically affects user experience.

A professional website design Mold service can help avoid such mistakes by enabling relevant WordPress settings that compress images for website display without compromising quality.  

Not Installing Google Analytics – A Tip From The Website Design Mold Team

This is important to gather in-depth information about your website traffic and visitor behaviour. These details help you optimise your website continuously for better keywords, resulting in increased reach and improved traffic.

A professional website design Mold agency saves you time and stress by pre-installing features and plugins that ensure safety and high-performance of your WordPress website.

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