4 Problems Clients Have with Freelance Designers

Many business owners consider hiring freelance designers for their web design project. Sure, there are some freelance designers who may charge low fees, but the downsides are one too many. As a web design Mold agency, we receive a lot of enquiries from clients who burnt their hands trying a freelance designer. 

Here are some common issues that clients face when working with freelance designers.

No Binding Contracts

Freelancing doesn’t have a professional structure that comes with a traditional web design agency. There are no rigid laws or contracts abiding the freelancer to the client. A freelancer could drop your website project midway and you may not be able to take any legal action.

In a professional company setup, once a contract is drawn, the organisation is bound by law to complete the project for the client, and has contractual clauses to fulfil in case of failure to adhere to the terms agreed.

This arrangement gives you greater protection.

No Definite Location or Time

Freelancers can work from anywhere, and can have their own time schedules. This is of particular importance if you are hiring an overseas freelancer. Separated by distance and time zones, regular communication can become highly difficult.

To be true to the founder’s vision, a web design project needs the website owner and the designer to work together. In the absence of this association, the website will just be a poorly-executed sample.

Specialist Expertise Prevents Long-Term Partnership

A freelance designer’s job is over once the project goes live. But, a website is a long-term and continuous task that doesn’t get over once it’s launched. A website is a proactive process. It needs regular and consistent attention to ensure it delivers optimal results for your business.

Professional design agencies such as Web Design Mold offer multiple services to take care of your website. You can expect successful long-term partnerships with a professional agency.

Clients Bear the Maximum Risk

From the initial stage of hiring to project completion, there are a number of phases where the freelancer can just pack up and disappear, leaving the project in a lurch. Inability to control the project due to location or time factors can impact the end result greatly. Hiring a freelance designer puts your business at the risk-receiving end at every stage.     

While the cheaper costs may be tempting, in the long run hiring a freelancer could turn a lot more expensive than you expected.

At Web Design Mold, we work with you all the way to deliver a solution that works for you. Speak to us today to discuss your web design project.